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Applications Portfolio

The table below lists just a few of the software application projects developed over the last 2o years.

 AeronauticsMachine Learning
  • Application for reducing floor vibrations on aircrafts.
  • Uses inverse neural control with off-line and on-line training.
  • Sensors measure vibrations and actuators apply neural control signal to reduce vibrations.
 ManufacturingMachine Learning
  •  Neural network application with back-propagation training to calibrate a 2D camera and subsequently enhance measurements accuracy.
 ManufacturingMachine Learning
  • Development of linear regression algorithms for Coordinates Measuring Machines (CMM).
 TransportationMachine Learning
  •  Bayesian network application for detecting traffic incidents on major highways.
 TransportationMachine Learning
  •  Parallel Genetic Algorithms (PGA) application to optimize the calibration parameters of complex traffic micro-simulation models (PARAMICS).
  • Application uses clusters of parallel computers to speedup training process.
Research and DevelopmentMachine Learning
  • Development of a biological neural network (BioNet) that simulates the learning process of two key parts of the brain’s limbic system: the hippocampus and the hypothalamus.
TransportationMachine Learning
  • Development of a Reinforcement Learning (Q-Learning) application for estimating Origin/Destination (O/D) matrices for large transportation networks.
ManufacturingComputer Aided Design
  • Development  of  an N-Tier application for configuring large sets of mechanical valves.
TelecommunicationsNetwork Management
  • Development  of a routing application (OSPF and L7 routing) for bandwidth constrained networks .
TelecommunicationsNetwork Management
  •  Development of distributed applications for managing network devices.
TelecommunicationsEmbedded Applications
  • Development  of embedded software components for testing OSI’s MAC and Network layers capabilities in packet-switched and circuit-switched wireless networks.

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